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  • Specialist in the maintenance

  • Specialist in the maintenance

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Thanks to our highly qualified staff we are able to offer scheduled maintenance and emergency operations done in the office or to your medical home, with very short response times.
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Decanter System offers the sale of decanter centrifuges overhauled with new warranty on mechanical operation and its components. Each decanter centrifuge which is sold by Decanter...
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Our company is able to provide any type of platform or container completely fitted (metal sheeted, custom, etc.).. Each container and / or floor can be set up according to the specific demands of customers.
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  • Horizontal centrifuge
  • Supercentrifuge
  • Separator

Kit P600

The kit P600 ia a unit designed for testing of centrifugation in order to separate a solid suspended in a liquid and verify its dewatering. Its use does not require the creation of any new structure by the customer. The kit consists of a platform (1.700x1.900x1.000 mm) on which they are installed.

- Sharples decanter centrifuge mod. P600 can treat up to 800 l / h;
- Mono pump to send the sludge to the centrifuge;
- Poly pump;
- Flow meter;
- Booster pump the treated liquid;
- The electrical panel.

Kit AS16

The kit AS16 is a system equipped for testing of liquid / liquid and liquid / solid with minimal differences in specific weight. The High spin reaches very high accelerations (up to 21,000 G) allowing a very accurate separation of liquids or solids in suspension.

The machine is supplied complete with electric pump, flow meter, The kit consists of a platform (2000x1500x1600 mm) on which they are installed:

- High spin Sharples mod. AS16 able to treat up to 500 l / h;
- A feed pump;
- Flowmeter;
- The control panel..

The Decanter System provides the service of spare parts for Alfa Laval separators discs, Mitsubishi and Westfalia.

We guarantee the highest quality standards with carefully selected raw materials and competitive prices. The non-original spare separator discs that perfectly 100% interchangeable and compatible with the original and includes all kinds of spare parts: over five thousand members are always available stock and ready for shipment.

Accurate balancing is essential for the operation, maintenance and overhaul of rotating equipment. The drums must be balanced as precisely as possible, in order to achieve high standards of reliability and precision.

Decanter System is specialized in dynamic balancing and vibration analysis of these components.