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Giving a second life to a Pieralisi Jumbo 4

21 Jenuary 2019

The decanting centrifuges are solid machines, which can have a very long useful life cycle, especially if they are used appropriately and subjected to the periodic maintenance program provided for them.

Our experience is full of cases of centrifuges that have been abandoned because they are no longer functional to the industrial project for which they were installed and that, once overhauled and appropriately modified, have found a new use in another area.

Recycling an industrial centrifuge is often possible, indeed in more than one case it is a winning choice both from an economical point of view and from the standpoint of environmental attention.

A very recent case of success saw us involved with a centrifugal extractor Pieralisi Jumbo 4 with a roto-variator and original control panel.

The machine had been installed on a FORSU treatment plant (an acronym standing for Organic Fraction of Urban Solid Waste), but - for a series of vicissitudes - it had only worked 2,000 hours: an absolutely short time compared to 30,000 hours of minimum life average of the industrial centrifuges that we commercialize.

Scrapping such a "young" centrifuge would have been a waste, so we decided to purchase it.

The machine has undergone a complete and meticulous review, carried out in 15 phases:

  • complete disassembly of all components
  • sandblasting of the housing body
  • internal painting of the housing with anti-rust paint
  • external coating of the housing
  • replacement of the side inspection doors
  • installation of a new solid-bearing support bush
  • installation of a new scraper group
  • replacement of all screw bearings, lip-seal and O-ring
  • replacement of all bowl bearings, lip-seal and O-ring on the liquid side and on the solid side
  • replacement of the main motor and secondary belts
  • overhauled of the main motor
  • overhauled of the gearbox with the replacement of internal bearings and oil seals and oil change
  • balancing of the bowl
  • overhauled and balancing of the conveyor
  • checking the status of the components of the electrical panel

This list represents the tasks that our mechanics perform on every second-hand centrifuge where we see the possibility of renewing it to give it a second youth, sometimes even in very different areas compared to those for which it was designed.

At the end of the work, the machine was connected to its electrical panel and tested to verify its perfect functioning.

Mission accomplished: Pieralisi Jumbo 4 is fully functional again and is now available for sale.

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