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The right machine for separations with very limited specific weight differences

What is it and what it’s used for?

The super centrifuge is an automatic machine that operates in a continuous cycle.

Like the horizontal and vertical centrifuges, even the supercentrifuges are used to separate the different phases of a solution. In these machines, however, the mixture is fed through a slot at the base and the liquids are moved continuously upward. The rotor rotates at 17,000 rpm and generates a centrifugal force of 17 ÷ 21,000 that allows the separation of products with very low specific weight differences.

The lighter liquid is positioned toward the center of the rotor while the heavier liquid forms the outer layer. The discharge occurs by overflowing at the top of the machine. At the same time the solids are deposited on the inner wall of the rotor and can be removed when the centrifuge is turned off.

Supercentrifuges meet the special needs of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries as they incorporate sanitary design features with electropolished surfaces that are easy to clean. Supercentrifuges are also equipped with steam sterilization features for biotechnology and pharmaceutical processing in accordance with cGMP requirements.

Supercentrifuges equipped with a cooling jacket, Jacketed Barrel, are used in low temperature processes. In this field of application, the supercentrifuges are perfectly suited for the production of viruses, vaccines, gamma globulin, prothrombin, cryoprecipitate, Interlukin IV.

The super centrifuges are also used for the treatment of various industrial oils: hydraulic, cutting oil, engine test bench oil, compressor test bench oil, rolling mill lubricants and drawing lubricants.

Units with a stainless-steel structure are recommended for the purification of lubricant oils for turbines in modern thermoelectric power stations.


The fields of use of super centrifuges are almost unlimited: the number of processes that require liquid/liquid, liquid/liquid/solid and liquid/solid separations is in fact very high.

Here is a list of cases we have faced:

Oil purification:
• diesel fuel oil
• diesel lubricating oil
• heavy fuel oil
• lubricating oil for turbines
• oil for transformers
• oil for switches

Metal processing for the purification of:
• mill oil
• engine test oil
• cutting oil and hardening oil
• grinding oil and hydraulic oil drawing

Chemistry and Pharmaceutical:
• clarification of caustic soda
• sodium carbonate solution
• arabic rubber clarification
• blood fractioning
• virus recovery

Food production:
• clarification of cider and wine
• clarification of past
• clarification of fats
• clarification of fruit juices
• clarification of cocoa butter and chocolate

Paints and varnishes:
• printing inks elimination of higher than normal pigments from paints and lacquers
• clarification of paints

An experience that has involved us closely is the separation of human blood components at a temperature of -35°C to preserve its characteristics: in this case it was necessary to provide four supercentrifuges in mirror-polished 316L stainless steel and with cooling jacket.