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Welcome to our new site: let's find out together!

25 February 2019

Experience and innovation are two areas we have always chosen focus on in our company: the first gives us the opportunity to address support requests on problems that are now known effectively and with the utmost timeliness, the second is the "key" that allows us to propose original solutions in the most challenging design.

Experience and innovation are also the guidelines that we followed in the development of the new Decanter System website.

Alongside a graphic restyling providing greater readability to textual content while offering more space to images of our activity, we have also reorganized the content in a simpler and easier to reach structure.

In the "Products" section we give space to the different machines we handle both for sale and after-sales service and maintenance.

The "Services" section covers the competences of our staff, and the range of services spanning from consulting to training of internal personnel, management of technical documentation, installation of the machine, tests and other activities.

In the "Support" section you can find answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about the world of industrial centrifuges, constantly updated. 

In "Who we are" we tell in detail the guidelines that we have always followed in terms of social responsibility and attention to the customer and the environment

"News" is instead a section in which we will present the news of the catalog, we will enter even more in detail how industrial centrifuges work and we will tell about the successful experiences of activities that we have carried out on behalf of clients of the caliber of Distillerie Franciacorta, Heineken, Zambon Pharma and many others.

Finally, there is the "Contacts" section, where you can submit your needs: we will answer all requests with care and timeliness.

In each page of the site we have included relevant links to the other sections of the website to facilitate the navigation, and valuable testimonies from some of our customers: we hope to be able to add yours too soon!

But the innovations in the new Decanter System website do not end there: in the development phase we have chosen a layout that allows a comfortable use of the contents even for those navigating from smartphones and tablets (in technical jargon we speak of a "responsive" site).

Simultaneously with the development of the new site we have chosen to also inaugurate a Decanter System page on LinkedIn, where we talk about the development of our daily activity: in this way we provide everyone with another convenient and fast point of contact.