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Test & Trials

Two mobile units available for any customer

We have two complete test units for separation and dehydration tests are available to all our customers for pre-industrialization tests & trials.

Thanks to these units we can quickly tests small quantities of the product. Thanks to our experienced technicians these tests can be used to carefully verify if the technology used is suitable for managing the required industrial process. Based on the results of these tests, our technical department is able to correctly size the machine that the customer needs. 

The first unit made essentially for this purpose is set up with a horizontal decanter centrifuge and serves to verify the continuous separation of a suspension.

The unit allows to treat up to 800 l / h with an acceleration of 3,100 G.
The second unit is made for a more specific use and is set up with a super-centrifugal decanter Pennwalt mod. AS16. It is used to test the separation of liquid / liquid and liquid / solid with minimum differences in specific weight and with a very low percentage of solids.

The supercentrifuge achieves very high accelerations (up to 21,000 G) allowing a very accurate separation of liquids or suspended solids.

One of our test units

The kits are built on a platform on which they are installed: 
• centrifuge;
• feed pump;
• flow meter;
• recovery pump for the treated liquid;
• the electric panel.