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Basic kits customizable according to specific production needs

Skids and containers

We offer a very high degree of customization based on the specific needs of the customers we capture during the first phases of the project.

The standard configuration of the skids, or of the container, includes:

  • centrifuge;
  • conveyor for solids discharge (fixed or mobile);
  • electrical wirings;
  • control panel;
  • polyelectrolyte unit (liquid or dust);
  • feed pump and polymer pump;
  • flow meter
Among the various customization possibilities, we provide the one on the electrical panel, which can be set up with PLC, solenoid valves and level sensors for automatic control of the unit.

The container can also be set up for remote control, to allow complete control with remote alarms signals and operating parameters. This allows the start of the activity even if you are not physically in the area or turn off the unit when not needed. 

Each set-up is supplied with use and maintenance manuals, certification of conformity and noise.


Our offering for supercentrifuges ranges from solutions with standard equipment to customized versions according to the specific production needs of the client.

The "baseline" standard set-up includes:

  • supercentrifuge;
  • feed pump;
  • flow meter;
  • collecting tank with level probes;
  • raise pump;
  • electrical panel
The electrical panel is equipped with PLC for automatic operation of the unit.

Our units are soundproofed and are fitted with AS16 or AS26 supercentrifuges capable of reaching 21.000 G